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CarbonX® Knit Safety Gloves
  • CarbonX® Knit Safety Gloves

    SKU: EH-G

    These knit gloves are perfect for safety duty, fire performers, as a glove liner, or just on a chilly night.


    These are a perfect piece of kit for anyone that exposes their hands and arms to heat and flame. Our Safety Gloves are made from knit CarbonX, which outperforms Kevlar® and Nomex® gloves of the same weight.


    CarbonX® is the only material that withstands the direct flame of a blowtorch without melting, burning or catching fire.



      Made from strong, machine knit CarbonX.

      9'' size fits most

      20'' inch glove available for additional protection


      All sales of CarbonX® gloves are final.

      * Each item is inspected and approved by us, before shipping. We guarantee our protective apparel free from manufacturer defects. All sales are final, however, if a mistake in our shop should occur, contact us and return the item unused and in the original packaging for refund/replacement approval.


      Free shipping.  Please allow 1-2 weeks. Taxes are assessed at checkout.

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