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EmberHood® Neck Protector

EmberHood® Neck Protector


Our EmberHood® Neck Protector slips on for mid-face and beard protection. Pull it up and around your head to cover your hair. You can focus entirely on the task at hand knowing your neck is guarded by the inherent fireproof qualities of CarbonX®.


Our Neck Protector dual purposes as an effective barrier during inclement weather such as dust storms.


CarbonX® is superior to commonly known aramid fabrics such as Nomex® and Kevler® which are treated with a fire-retardant chemical, making them fire resistant (FR). 


CarbonX® is different, it is truly fireproof.


The fireproof qualities of CarbonX® will not wear out from use, or wash out from cleaning. 


CarbonX® does not ignite, it is incredibly insulating, quick drying, moisture wicking and odor resistant.


As with all of the products we design and hand make, our Neck Protector is constructed with the highest quality FR thread.




9 1/2'' width

19'' Length



10'' width


19'' length




    6oz Gray CarbonX® Interlock Fabric

    *Due to the unique nature of some handmade items, slight variance in design for each item is expected. All products are made to order. Please allow 2 weeks.


    * Each item is inspected and approved by us, before shipping. We guarantee our protective apparel free from manufacturer defects. All sales are final, however, if a mistake in our shop should occur, contact us and return the item unused and in the original packaging for refund/replacement approval.


    Free shipping.  Please allow 1-2 weeks. Taxes are assessed at checkout.

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