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The Original EmberHood®
  • The Original EmberHood®

    SKU: EH-1

    The Original EmberHood® is the perfect stand-alone hair/head PPE for fire performers and artists. It pairs perfectly with our 8oz EmberHood® Long-Sleeve to act as a full coverage hoodie.


    After many designs have come and gone including pockets and magnetic closures, this minimalist hood remains the perfect balance of form and function. The crown seam is thinly lined with non-toxic, FDA approved, silicone to prevent slippage.


    The magic is in the fabric. CarbonX® is inherently fireproof and actively inhibits flame by requiring 3x the amount of atmospheric oxygen to ignite. 

    It can be quickly removed and used as a fireproof barrier in an emergency to extinguish unintentional flame.


    *One size fits most



    22'' Length

    12.5'' Width


      8oz Black CarbonX® Interlock Fabric

      *Due to the unique nature of some handmade items, slight variance in design for each item is expected. All products are made to order. Please allow 2 weeks.



      * Each item is inspected and approved by us, before shipping. We guarantee our protective apparel free from manufacturer defects. All sales are final, however, if a mistake in our shop should occur, contact us and return the item unused and in the original packaging for refund/replacement approval.


      Free shipping.  Please allow 1-2 weeks. Taxes are assessed at checkout.

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